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About Us

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Leaf 2 Smoke was established because we got tired of the high prices Canadians pay for their tobacco. Our mission has become to bring a much cheaper way to enjoy smoking at a very affordable price. We are located in a small town in Saskatchewan, where tobacco prices are quite high.

Cigar Rolling with Whole Leaf Tobacco
Leaf 2 Smoke was established because we got tired of the high prices Canadians pay for their tobacco.

We have been buying our whole-leaf tobacco this way for some time now and have saved thousands.

We have purchased a good shredder and a good rolling machine it takes very little time to produce our roll-your-own cigarettes well worth the money we spent. It all paid for itself in the first month of rolling our own. We only wish we had started doing this year sooner it would have saved us a small fortune. We keep a fair amount of tobacco shredded and stored in plastic containers with a lid and have a hand-rolling machine that doesn't use hydro like Powermatic 1 Injector so if the hydro goes out you can still make cigarettes. I keep rolled cigarettes in a ziplock large bag in the freezer this way I always have some ready. I have also got a large long Tupperware container and got 4 cartons in it and stored them in the freezer too.
One night a week while I watch tv I destem a large Tupperware bucket full of tobacco it takes about an hour to do then I leave the lid off the container to let it dry overnight then I put the lid back on it until I shred it. It should feel like paper when you shred it and if too dry spritz it with water to moisten it. After shredding store in containers. I take a round cookie tin and fill it with tobacco and let it dry if too moist I use this for rolling my cigarettes and then refill it from the bigger containers. If it is too dry your cigarette will keep dropping embers while you smoke it, I know by feeling now if it is dry I add some moist tobacco from the containers I shred, it should still be moist in the container with the lid on it of course. If it is too moist it is hard to roll and smoke so if I need dry tobacco in a hurry I put it on a cookie sheet in the oven at 300 degrees for about 8 to ten minutes for a large amount it will still feel moist but once out of the oven, it dries quickly.
The goal of Leaf 2 smoke is to help bring cheap tobacco prices to all people who live in Canada and enjoy their tobacco products.

Please enjoy our site and let us help you save money.