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Powermatic 1 Injector

  $59.99   Buy Online

High-end MYO / RYO Powermatic 1 manual cigarette injector. Great little machine.

Tobacco Flavor - Menthol

$6.99    Buy Now

Flavor your own tobacco leaf blend with custom tobacco flavorings to give them a unique, and personalized taste.

 Cigarette Injectors  Cigarette Rollers

Make your own / Roll your own Cigarettes, with these high-quality Cigarette Injectors or Cigarette rollers. Enjoy the flavor of your own custom blend of whole-leaf cigarette tobacco. Easy to use Ryo/Myo Cigarette Injectors.

Cigarette Injectors Cigarette Rollers

Deluxe Cigarette Finisher

​$32.99    Buy Online

 This leaves a folded end on your RYO cigarette, effectively eliminating any loss of tobacco from the tube being open.

Powermatic 2 Cigarette Injector

  $75.99​     Buy Online

MYO Electric Cigarette injector. The Powermatic 2 is the top product in its class! The Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector is the best cigarette injector we've seen. It easily handles the MYO cigarette tobacco that has been shredded with our tobacco leaf shredder! 

Powermatic 3 Cigarette Injector
Whole Leaf Tobacco By The Pound
Powermatic 1 roll your own cigarette injector

Top King-Sized Handheld RYO Cigarette Injector

  $7.99    Buy Online

TOP Brand Handheld RYO Injector. Small and compact King size RYO/MYO cigarette injector; perfect for travel and on the go.

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

   $19.99      Buy Online

Powermatic Mini MYO manual cigarette injector with a big appetite for RYO cigarettes!

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

Powermatic 3 Cigarette Injector

$279.99    Buy Online

MYO Electric Cigarette injector. The Powermatic 3 is the top product in its class.

Ace Handcrafted Cigarette Roller for make your own / roll your own cigarettes

Ace Handcrafted Cigarette Roller

  $69.99     Buy Online        

​The Ace Roller is a handcrafted wooden cigarette rolling machine. It works with standard-size rolling papers and “roll your own” tobacco to consistently produce perfect 3″ cigarettes.

Tumbleweed Handcrafted Cigarette Roller
Top King Sised Handheld RYO/MYO Cigarette Injecttor
Deluxe Cigarette Finisher
Powermatic 2 Cigarette injector

Tumbleweed Handcrafted Cigarette Roller

   $149.99   Buy Online

The Tumbleweed is a mid-size cigarette rolling machine. It’s designed for rollers on the go. The Tumbleweed is solidly constructed. Made of Walnut.