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Powermatic 1 Injector

  $59.99   Buy Online

High-end MYO / RYO Powermatic 1 manual cigarette injector. Great little machine.

grow your own grow lights

Roll your own Cigarette Injectors

Make your own / Roll your own Cigarettes, with these high quality Cigarette Injectors. Enjoy the flavor of your own custom blend of whole leaf  cigarette tobacco. Easy to use Ryo/Myo Cigarette Injectors.

Intro to Ryo/Myo Cigarettes

Cigarette Injectors

Powermatic 2 Cigarette Injector

  $75.99​     Buy Online

MYO Electric Cigarette injector. The Powermatic 2 is the top product in its class! The Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector.  Is  the best cigarette injector we've seen. It easily handles the MYO cigarette tobacco that has been shredded with our tobacco leaf shredder and works like a charm with just about anything you put in there! 

Whole Leaf Tobacco By The Pound
Powermatic 1 roll your own cigarette injector

Top King Sized Handheld RYO Cigarette Injector

  $7.99    Buy Online

TOP Brand Handheld RYO Injector. Small and compact King size RYO/MYO cigarette injector; perfect for travel and on-the-go.

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

   $19.99      Buy Online

Powermatic Mini MYO manual cigarette injector with a big appetite for RYO cigarettes!

Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector
Ace Handcrafted Cigarette Roller for make your own / roll your own cigarettes

Ace Handcrafted Cigarette Roller

  $39.99     Buy Online        

​The Ace Roller is handcrafted wooden cigarette rolling machine. It works with standard size rolling papers and “roll your own” tobacco to consistently produce perfect 3″ cigarettes.

Tumbleweed Handcrafted Cigarette Roller
Top King Sised Handheld RYO/MYO Cigarette Injecttor
Powermatic 2 Cigarette injector

Tumbleweed Handcrafted Cigarette Roller

   $74.99   Buy Online

The Tumbleweed is a mid size cigarette rolling machine. It’s designed for rollers on the go. The Tumbleweed is solidly constructed. Made of Walnut. 

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