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​100% All Natural Unprocessed Tobacco Leaves​​

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whole leaf 100% All Natural Unprocessed Tobacco Leaves
Fine Cut Tobacco Shredder -Make your own fine cut tobacco with this fine cut whole leaf tobacco shredder
TableTop Fine Cut Shredder - Great for make you own Hookah Tobacco

Hookah Whole Leaf Tobacco Shredders

Whole / Raw leaf Tobacco Shredders. For make your own Hookah Tobacco or for whatever your shredding needs are. Fine quality easy to use hookah  whole / raw leaf tobacco shredders.

Intro to Hookah

Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder - perfect for Hookah - Shisha Tobacco

Powermatic S Electric Tobacco Shredder
  $305.99    Buy Online

Powermatic S electric tobacco shredding machine. Designed for personal use, this machine will provide many pounds of fine roll your own made from whole leaf tobacco if taken care of properly.

Whole Leaf Tobacco Shredder- make your own quality Hookah - Shisha tobacco with this shredder

Standard Tobacco Leaf Shredder

  $39.99    Buy Online   

Affordable manual whole leaf  tobacco shredder. Features stainless steel construction and table clamp.

Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder - Plus
  $139.99    Buy Online    

The Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder - Plus edition is an ehanced version of the Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder with added features to increase ease of use and longevity of the machine. 

Hookah Tobacco Leaf Shredders

Hookah -Shisha Coarse Cut Electric Shredder

Coarse Cut Electric Shredder
  $339.99    Buy Online    

The largest and most powerful shredder we carry. Great for shisha, but can be used for all purposes. 

Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder
   $119.99    Buy Online   

This purpose built tobacco shredding machine is built out of solid steel, and cuts to a 0.8mm strand thickness. Built with brass bushings designed to have increased resistance to wear, as well as adjustable stainless steel combs. This machine can operated manually, or automatically with the use of a 6mm socket.

Tobacco Leaf Shredders- RYO/MYO Cigarettes with whole leaf tobacco