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Intro to Fronto Leaf

Fronto Leaf - All  Natural whole leaf Tobacco

For many, Fronto Leaf is something new and or unfamiliar, but has been around forever!  

Fronto tobacco leaf, sometimes known as grabba leaf, or fanta leaf, is a tobacco wrapper leaf sold by the individual leaf or by the pound.

CT Tobacco leaves are known for being a premium cigar wrappers, so finding CT broadleaves graded for fronto is unusual. 

They enjoy the deep bold and potent smoke of the Fronto Leaf, when broken down it can be smoked in a pipe or rolled up in a paper. 

A Fronto Leaf should be dark, but not too thick so that it can be used for wrapping, which is difficult to attain sometime because thickness and darkness usually go hand-in-hand!

Make sure your Fronto Leaf has the right moisture content. If the leaf is dry, crunchy, and not pliable, mist it with water and re-seal it in the package until it absorbs some of the water and becomes flexible. If the leaf is overly moist to the point that it is leaving water on your hands after handling, open it and let dry in the open air until just flexible.

Fronto leaf is very sought after in the United States and Canada.

Two popular varieties of Fronto are the CT Wrapper or CT Fronto Leaf. It is a large-sized Fronto leaf that is also very thin. They are the preferred cigar wrappers. People who enjoy Caribbean Fronto Tobacco would also want to try the QB-52 Fronto Wrapper Leaf, and the  QB-52 Fronto Leaf Wrapper Dark. All of our Fronto Leaves are of top quality.

I also highly recommend Fronto Dark Air Cured Leaf to people who prefer to smoke their tobacco as Grabba Leaf. The Dark Air Cured raw leaf tobacco has a stronger flavor and potency that they like. Americans and Canadians seem to prefer the QB-52 Fronto leaf.

If you are interested in Fronto, Grabba, cigar wrappers, and rolling your own personal cigars with Leaf2smoke you have come to the right place. You will be able to get the finest quality Fronto Whole Leaf Tobacco.

Common uses for Fronto leaves are pipe tobacco, cigar wrappers, cigarettes, and of course, blunts you can save a ton of money by making your own.

​​QB-52 Fronto Wrapper

Fronto Leaves
Make your own Pipe Tobacco with Whole Leaf

​​Fronto Whole Leaf Tobacco Leaves make the best Cigar Wrappers

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