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Intro to Ryo/Myo cigarettes

Rolling your own Cigars
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Powermatic 2 Cigarette Injector for ryo/myo Cigarettes

Cigarette Tobacco Leaves - Make your own Cigarettes

Rolling your own cigarettes made from Whole Leaf Tobacco or Organic Whole Leaf Tobacco is actually very easy.

If you already ryo cigarettes the only other steps are to remove the stem from the whole-leaf tobacco, making sure the leaves aren’t too dry or moist.  You can pick and choose your leaves and blend any flavor you would like and shred them.

The end product is a Myo, Ryo cigarette blend unlike any you have smoked before. Everyone agrees the blends they make are both higher quality and way less expensive than anything that can be found already shredded at the store.

How to Process Cigarette Tobacco Leaves

Before shredding your whole-leaf tobacco remove the main stem of your leaf. 
The easiest way to go about doing this is to pull the stem out and away from the top of the leaf. Grasp right beneath the apex of the leaf, and pull the stem out and down, away from the leaf. 

After you have removed the main stem, allow your tobacco to dry
Just leave them in the open air to dry does not take long. This is achieved when your leaf is dry, and kinda feels like paper but does not crack or break.

Too dry and your method of shredding could turn your tobacco into dust, which is very difficult to make into cigarettes. 
Too wet, and your tobacco will make clumpy cigarettes and could bind and damage shredders that you run it through. 
Do not worry! This is not difficult, and you will be able to tell the difference easily after a few tries. You want the leaf to be dry, but not cracking when you handle it. 

Shredding your Tobacco

Do not use Coffee Grinder/ Food Processor/ Herb Grinder
These tools are similar, as they cut the tobacco in flakes rather than fine shreds or strings. 
When making RYO Cigarettes, the consistency of your tobacco is very important. 
WARNING: A too-fine grind of tobacco will make for cigarettes that won’t burn properly. (Runs, Canoeing, etc.) 

Tobacco Shredding 

We have several tobacco shredders depending on your needs. From table mounted tobacco shredders for the casual smoker, to table-top electric tobacco shredders for the everyday user. These function the same way as a paper shredder only for shredding tobacco. You can find them here.
Take the leaf halves you have made from destemming, and run them through the machine one-half leave at a time. 
**Make sure to note the moisture level during this step, if your leaf is too moist going in you will clog the machine. To unclog the machine pour a little olive oil down into the blades and turn the machine on for a few minutes to let the oil work. To dry and it will turn to powder. You will get the hang of this quickly. The tobacco should feel like paper to shred it properly and if it is too dry just spritz some water on it and let it dry until it feels like paper.

I store my destemmed tobacco in a large plastic container with a lid.

You are now ready to roll your own Cigarettes 

​​Tips for Cigarette Rolling Machines

There are many different cigarette machines or injectors these tips will work with most of them.
These tips are guidelines that will apply to machines whether it's electric or manually operated. All cigarette machines use cigarette tubes and operate close to the way, which is to inject the tobacco into the tube. The end goal is to have your nicely made roll-your-own cigarettes ready for you to enjoy.
Most Manual make your own cigarette machines operate in the same manner, but the better quality machine the easier rolling your own cigarette will be.
If this is your first time owning a Ryo / Myo cigarette rolling machine it will become easier after a short time of making your own cigarettes.
You will find in a short time that making your perfect Ryo Myo cigarettes really is not hard at all. Rolling your own cigarettes with whole-leaf tobacco can be done a fraction of the cost.

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Some of the problems when starting out rolling your cigarettes are

There is an empty space or loose tobacco in front of the filter

Having an empty space in front of the filter or it's loosely packed in is caused by not enough tobacco in the corners of the tobacco chamber. This is most important at the end where you attach the cigarette tube to the tip of the machine. You will fill your chamber with tobacco, make sure it's even though out, and lightly pack it down with your fingers. Then inject the cigarette tube with tobacco. Check to see if there is still a gap after the filter. If so, add a little more tobacco into the chamber each time until you get the desired density for your roll-your-own cigarette and have removed the gap. You will quickly get a feel for this process and know exactly how much tobacco to put into the chamber.

Ryo  myo cigarettes are packed too loose or too tight

If the make-your-own cigarette is too tight it is because to much tobacco has been added. Put a little less tobacco in next time and keep reducing the amount of tobacco unit you get the density you like for your Ryo cigarette. If your Ryo / myo cigarette is to lose the opposite is required to add a little more tobacco each time until you get the density you like. Be sure to pack your tobacco lightly with your finger before you inject your tobacco into your roll-your-own cigarette machine. It will not take long to get the hang of how much tobacco and packing is needed for your roll your own machine.

The cigarette tube is ripping or tearing during injection

If your myo cigarette is ripping or tearing during the injection you are either adding too much tobacco or you don't have it evenly spread out enough. Try adding less tobacco a little at a time and making sure it is spread evenly before you lightly pack it down. Keep up this process until you get the desired density for your cigarette. You will quickly get a feel for how much tobacco to use and how to pack it down.

The cigarette tube won't stay on, or keeps being pushed off

If your cigarette tubes are being pushed off the machine during the injection process, there is a couple of reasons why this would happen. You want to make sure that the area around the cigarette machine tip where you place your cigarette tube is clear and clean. As the machine is injecting the tobacco into the cigarette tube, it clamps the end of the cigarette tube onto the tip of the machine to hold it in place during the injection process. If there is tobacco or debris in this area, the machine might not get a clean "grip" on the end of the cigarette tube. Once you close the lid with the cigarette tube in place, try pressing down on the end closest to the cigarette tube while you inject the cigarette. This applies extra downward pressure onto the cigarette tube tip and helps to hold it.

If you wanted to use tobacco made from whole-leaf pipe tobacco it can be quite nice. To make your own cigarettes with pipe tobacco make sure it is shredded finer and is dryer than what you would use in your pipe
Please note that you will quickly get a feeling for how this process works and how much tobacco to use every time. It's easy and once you get the hang of it, you will be making nice, evenly-packed cigarettes every time.

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whole leaf 100% All Natural Unprocessed Tobacco Leaves

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