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Whole Leaf Pipe Tobacco Shredders
Intro to Pipe Smokeing - whole leaf pipe tobacco by the pound
Whole Leaf Pipe Tobacco Leaves
Intro to Cigar Rolling

​​​Here are the basic supplies you will need

A Pipe of course
 I recommend starting with a pipe that is on the cheaper side. A pipe that fits your hand nicely and is comfortable to hold. You can always upgrade your pipe later if you decide to keep smoking one.

Pipe Tamper Tool 
Not really necessary, this is very helpful in packing the pipe tobacco. Although you can use your finger

Pipe Cleaners
Those funny-looking wires things with a fuss on them. You probably made stuff with them in school. Your pipe will come apart and you run the pipe cleaner threw the stem.
Wooden Matches or a Pipe Lighter
If you can get a match that is a little longer is always good.

Your Pipe Tobacco
We have a very nice selection of pipe tobacco here
Organic pipe tobacco leaves here

Once you have all this, you can get started smoking your pipe.
Smoking your pipe is a calming and leisurely activity, it allows you to take some time to slow down and enjoy.

How to fill your Pipe Bowl
The first step is easy to master but may take a little effort. Loosely fill the bowl with your favorite pipe tobacco and press lightly with your finger or the tamper. It should be about half full of tobacco now, repeat once or twice more unit the tobacco is just below the lip of your pipe

Test the pipe to make sure your tobacco is not too tight, take a draw from your pipe if the air is moving freely then you are good to light. If not, you can start over or loosen the tobacco with a toothpick and try again.

Lighting your Pipe
When lighting a pipe use wooden matches or a pipe lighter. Pipe lighters are made for this and are easy to use. Wooden matches add to the experience of pipe smoking. Light the match and let it burn for a second or two, you do not want to taste the sulfur. Take a few light draws and move the match in a circular motion over the top of your tobacco until evenly lit, but you have more to do. This is called the false light let it go out and relight and enjoy

Tips for smoking your pipe
It is said that you should not inhale tobacco smoke from your pipe. It is a bit stronger tobacco and meant more for the flavor, but that is up to you.
Take it easy when smoking your pipe, slow and steady wins the race.  It may go out on you just relight and enjoy the full flavor of your pipe tobacco.
If your pipe starts to gurgle, you have moisture in the pipe stem just run the pipe cleaner into the stem to remove it.
If the pipe gets hot in your hand let it go out and relight your tobacco after a minute or two.
Always allow pipe to cool before cleaning​.

Check out our great selection of shredders here

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Intro to rolling your own Cigarettes
By the Pound Whole Leaf Pipe Tobacco

​​​Pipe Tobacco Leaves - Craft Your Own Custom Pipe Blends

Many experienced pipe smoking people agree - smoking a pipe is both a science, and an art form. The first thing to learn is packing your pipe. Leaf 2 Smoke whole leaf tobacco has quality selections of tobacco for tobacco pipes. The rewards of properly smoking a pipe are a wonderful aroma, a great taste, and an overall enjoyable experience.

Intro to Pipe Smoking Tobacco