whole leaf 100% All Natural Unprocessed Tobacco Leaves
Brazilian Arapirica Wrapper Whole Leaf Tobacco
Equadorian Viso Shade Wrapper Quality Whole Leaf Tobacco

Dominican Seco Piloto Cubano
  $23.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our Aged Dominican Piloto Cubano Seco long fillers are aged to perfection. Being thinner and coming from lower on the plant, the seco is what provides smooth burning qualities to your premium cigars. These leaves arrive packed in flat stacks and are ready to use as cigar filler.

Cigar Tobacco Leaves By The Pound

Ecuadorian Seco Binder
  $21.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our Ecuadorian Seco Binder is the binder quality version of the Ecuadorian Seco Shade Wrapper. Thin, yet elastic, this medium-dark brown/red binder leaf will share a flavor profile with other Ecuadorian grown leaf, and provide an easy to use, high quality binder leaf for rolling Premium Cigars or fronto! 

​​Brazilian Mata Fina Wrapper
  $52.99 / lb   
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Our Mata Fina Brazilian Wrapper leaf is medium to dark in color, yet not too thick. This leaf, grown in Brazil, is slightly reminiscent of the Brazilian Habano Viso. These leaves are smaller and slightly more distinctive in smell then some other wrappers. 

CT Premium Shade Leaf Wrapper (21 inch)
  $86.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our CT Shade Leaf has a great earth brown / tan color, and is velvety and thin, which is what is to be expected in high quality Shade Tobacco. Carries a fresh, yet earthy tone musk with a top note of spice.When moistened, it is a very thin and pliable leaf.

Cameroon Wrapper (16 inch)
   $31.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our 16 in Cameroon Wrapper tobacco leaves are mild, thin, and smooth. This variety is most similar to our Connecticut Shade in appearance and texture, but as with most leaves they have their own unique flavor.

Colombian Seco Long Filler Popular Cigar Tobacco Leaf
BnB tobacco

Indonesian Bezuki Wrapper / Binder
  $24.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our Indonesian Bezuki Wrapper is a very thin, unique cigar wrapper with that classic Indonesian smell and taste. The flavor of an Indonesian leaf is usually something people either love, or dislike.

Colombian Seco Long Filler
   $16.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our Aged Colombian Seco Tobacco Leaves are robust, but surprisingly quite mild-smelling - similar to unroasted coffee beans. 

Cigar Tobacco Leaves by the Pound

Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper
  $41.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our Habano 2000 Seed Ecuadorian Viso Shade Wrapper is similar to it's sister leaf, the Seco Shade Wrapper, but it is somewhat darker and thicker. Visually, it's almost like a cross between CT Shade and the 1DW Maduro.

Cameroon Wrapper {16 Inch} Cigar Wrapper
CT Havana 7 Tobacco Leaf By The Pound
Dominican Seco Piloto Cubano Whole Leaf
Brazilian Manta Fine Wrapper Whole Leaf Tobacco
Indionesian Bezuki Wrapper /Binder Buy Whole Leaf Tobacco

CT Havana 7
  $29.99 / lb    Buy Online

Our Havana 7 CT broadleaf is a popular, light colored, good shining, large leaf. This tobacco leaf is somewhat slim in cross section, but carries all that is to be expected out of a Havana seed

CT Premium ShadeLeaf Wrapper {21 Inch} Whole Leaf Tobacco

Brazilian Arapiraca Wrapper
  $49.99 / lb    Buy Online

The Brazilian Arapiraca Wrapper leaf is darker in color than the Mata Fina, yet carries a similar thickness. This leaf is grown in the Arapiraca region of Brazil and is favorite for maduro / oscuro wrappers. 

Cigar Tobacco Leaves

Imagine the taste and flavor of your hand-rolled cigar, custom blended from your choice of our 100%  All Natural Whole Leaf Cigar Tobacco. 

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​100% All Natural Unprocessed Tobacco Leaves​​

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