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Intro to Cigar Rolling

Cigar Tobacco Leaves - Roll Your Own Cigars

Ever since tobacco was first discovered, people around the world have been smoking cigars. Whether by tying bundles of leaves together with twine, wrapping them in a corn husk, or rolling a modern double Maduro, smoking cigars is an enjoyable pastime that has been popular throughout history. The principle raw material of the cigar is the leaf of the tobacco plant. The tobacco plant grows in many climates, but the finest cigar tobacco is grown in Cuba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. A cigar requires three kinds of tobacco leaf as its raw material. Small or broken tobacco leaves are used for the filler. Whole leaves are used for an inside wrapper, called the binder. Some cigars are made with the leaves all from the same region. Others may be wrapped in a high-quality leaf (from Cuba for example) but filled with poorer quality leaf from another region. Secondary raw materials include a tasteless gum to stick the end of the wrapper together, flavoring are sometimes sprayed on the filler leaves, and paper used for the band placed around each cigar

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