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Whole Leaf  Tobacco is legal for Canadians: 

Is not considered " roll your own tobacco", and is 100% legal to send through the Postal Services in Canada. It is not in violation of the PACT Act or any other regulations concerning the delivery of tobacco through the mail. Whole-leaf tobacco is considered to be an Agriculture product with the stem intact and does not fall under the same category as say shredded tobacco, cigars, or pre-made cigarettes. It is not considered to be a tobacco product until the stem is removed, and there for is virtually duty-free. 

Remember the more tobacco you order the cheaper shipping is.
Canadian Customers: 

The people in Canada can order online!

Simply enter your postal code into the box without any spaces and proceed with the checkout process.
There may be 5% - 13% tax on the item total depending on your province that is standard on all imports 
It is our understanding that UPS charges an additional "brokerage fee" for delivering goods to Canadian customers, while Mail Services does not. That explains the price gap in shipping options. Some people in Canada find UPS a good choice because they prefer having it delivered to their door rather than going to the post office to pick it up. 


Choose USPS (United States Postal Services) when checking out online. Your order will now come through the mail, you will find this easier and cheaper at least that's what I found. Remember the more you order the cheaper the shipping 

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Buy Cigarettes Online in Canada

Canada Wide Shipping

Personal Note:

I used UPS for my first 4 orders each time the order came they charged me at the door extra fees for delivery and I also got an invoice in the mail for more fees.
I switched to Priority International  Post (the mail services ) and was charged a small fee maybe twice a year. So the postal service is the one you want to use.
It may seem more expensive at check out to use the postal service but in the long run, it is cheaper for the people in Canada.

 Reduce Shipping Charges:
When you order your Tobacco this is the time to order your smaller items as well, and include them with your order.

 Add small items with your tobacco order such as cigarette cases, cigarette rollers, small grinders, cigar accessories, tubes, cigarette finishers, Etc. This will only add a small amount to your shipping fees thus making it cheaper overall.

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